Sacred Skulls was founded upon the desire to rediscover the knowledge of ancient civilizations and lost cultures with their advanced technologies, using cosmic inspiration and sacred geometry to channel this powerful wisdom into the present. Each piece of jewelry has been uniquely crafted with the golden ratio proportions and ancient symbols as its foundation. Precious gemstones and rare materials from the Earth are utilized with incredible attention to detail.


Sacred Skulls is dedicated to keeping you connected to the lost wisdom and mysteries of ancient advanced civilizations. Each piece will truly inspire you and create a strong emotion when held. Our talismans are charged as tools of power and protection that will anchor you with the sacred throughout your journey. with the use of powerful ancient symbols, sacred geometry, and activated gemstones, each piece unites your mind, body, and soul.

These incredible jewelry talismans hold a secret chamber unlocked with a unique key, that links you with the mysteries of lost worlds and awakens a connection to our ancient ancestors and the origins of humanity.


Jason Momoa (Games of thrones, Aquaman) is our amazing brand ambassador. Jason loves to support and help artists that he believes in. We are thrilled to have Jason Momoa supporting us and our work since 2017. A true Skulls lover...