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"mini hierophant" rhodium and gold - judicael_sacred_skulls"mini hierophant" rhodium and gold - judicael_sacred_skulls
key of worlds (sterling silver, 18k gold) - judicael_sacred_skulls
"Amarna priestess" - judicael_sacred_skulls"Amarna priestess" - judicael_sacred_skulls
"Amarna Priestess"
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Pleiadian II 24K - judicael_sacred_skullsPleiadian II 24K - judicael_sacred_skulls
Pleiadian II 24K
Sale price$7,500.00
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Pleiadian Bronze - judicael_sacred_skullsPleiadian Bronze - judicael_sacred_skulls
Pleiadian bronze
Sale price$3,600.00 Regular price$4,499.00
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Special hierophant “22k gold and sterling”Special hierophant “22k gold and sterling”
"mini hierophant " 18k rose gold and silver - judicael_sacred_skulls"mini hierophant " 18k rose gold and silver - judicael_sacred_skulls
“Heritage” ring“Heritage” ring
“Heritage” ring
Sale price$19,950.00
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“Oumuamua” sacred skull“Oumuamua” sacred skull
“Oumuamua” sacred skull
Sale price$26,000.00
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Antigravity ring 24k gold vermeilleAntigravity ring 24k gold vermeille
Antigravity ring 24k gold vermeille
Sale price$1,205.00
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"the edge" gold - judicael_sacred_skulls"the edge" gold - judicael_sacred_skulls
"The Edge" Gold
Sale price$3,520.00
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Pleiadian gold firePleiadian gold fire
Pleiadian gold fire
Sale price$7,500.00
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