"Mini Hierophant " Solid Silver

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What is this?


-diamond vs 1 mm

-sterling silver 925

-chain sterling silver 925, 28 inches 2mm thick 

-snake clasp

-secret chamber that opens


A “hierophant”in Ancient Greece was a priest or mystic with spiritual knowledge . This piece was made to évoque ancient spiritual knowledge and magic.

The “mini Hierophant” has a secret chamber that opens by pulling the top.The locking mechanism uses magnets. Hide your treasures and manifest your vision with the help of this powerful mystic talisman full of ancient symbols. Excellent attention to detail in this conversation piece that will turn heads .

What can be hidden in the chamber is up to the wearer. 

for example you could hide : Your crypto wallet code, a love note, a prayer or mantra, medicine, gem stones , ashes of lost ones, a tooth…… etc

the mini hierophant is x1 golden ration (1,618) down the size of the original version. keeping the same expional attention to detail and craftsmanship as well as the fully functional secret chamber.



Customer Reviews

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Paul Bonham
Extremely happy

I was blown away by the intricate detail and superb craftsmanship in this piece. Judicael responded directly to me via email to update shipping and I couldn’t be happier with this incredible momento holding a part of my father who passed. It’s brilliant!

Rhy Hudson
Elegant and Magical

From the weight of the piece, to the intricate microscopic detailing, the mini Hierophant is a stunning, timeless, and robust work of art. My favorite piece of jewelry ever. I will definitely be buying more pieces in the future.

Nick Waraksa
Incredible skull but cheap chain that broke and I lost the pendant :(


I am a huge fan of what you do and actually heard about your company while hanging out with your spokes person in LA ;)

Happily, I received the mini skull pendant for Xmas on time and it’s incredible.

Sadly, the chain you sent it with was quite skinny and frail, the “snake loop” the chain has to connect it bent open while wearing it and the pendant slipped off. I no longer have it.

I was wondering if there anything you can do as a credit towards the purchase of another one. I understand you aren’t responsible for lost items but due to the fact that the product wasn’t a “life long build” for the chain, and that I’d love to actually buy it again or even upgrade to the bigger one, any credit or help to still have one of these in my life as an heirloom would be the ultimate goal. Thanks so much, I hope something can be worked out :). Thanks!
~ nick

Hi sorry that happened ! We fixed the problem a while back as we realised those chains where to delicate . Now a day we ship all the minis with a thicker chain .Here is a 25% off discount code for your next purchase : ————————
You can use it on any products
All the best

Amazing Piece

Better in person! This piece is stunning! The craftsmanship is next level. This was my trial piece, and I will be purchasing another soon

Pati A
LOVE it!!

This was even better than what described & pictured. The detail in the craftsmanship is beatiful! Absolutely love it!!

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