"Hierophant" Full Size

Sale price$750.00

What is this?


-diamond vs 2mm

-sterling silver 925


-chain sterling silver 925, 28 ‘ long 2mm thick 

-43g skull and chain 

-snake clasp

-secret chamber that opens 


A “hierophant”in Ancient Greece was a priest or mystic with spiritual knowledge . This piece was made to évoque ancient spiritual knowledge and magic.

The “Hierophant” has a secret chamber that opens by pulling the top.The locking mechanism uses magnets. Hide your treasures and manifest your vision with the help of this powerful mystic talisman full of ancient symbols. Excellent attention to detail in this conversation piece that will turn heads .

What can be hidden in the chamber is up to the wearer. 

for example you could hide : Your crypto wallet code, a love note, a prayer or mantra, medicine, gem stones , ashes of lost ones, a tooth…… etc


Customer Reviews

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Unique Flawless Piece

No words can describe the amount of detail and work that goes into this piece. You really have to see it in person and have it in your hands. I'm not even a person that really enjoys jewelry but this is a piece of artwork and has become one of my prised possessions. I was also gifted the Antigravity Ring which is equally as impressive and beautiful.


I have very few jewelry pieces and I am honoured to own this wonderfully crafted and beautiful piece. I love the details throughout the skull as well as on the chain. I also love the hidden compartment and love carrying/hiding tiny precious stones and objects. I even received my order on Christmas Eve which made this purchase extra special and solidified it’s top tier spot in my collection.

Alfred Villarreal

Excellent detail, great conversation starter! I feel like a rock star every time I wear it🤘 Thank you for your amazing work!!

michael allen
Outstanding work

Beautiful craftsmanship and amazing details
If you're looking for a statement piece of Jewelry unique
And with a quality make at reasonable prices
I highly recommend Judah
Sacred Skulls
Definitely top shelf
Worth every penny

Brett Eaton

I absolutely love my Hierophant skull! The craftsmanship is some of if not the best ive ever seen!! Super proud to own a piece from such an amazing and talented artist, I cant speak highly enough about my experience!! If you are kicking around the idea of a purchase dont hesitate, you will not be disappointed one bit!!!

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