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This is a beautiful, beautiful piece of art. Thank you to the artist for his work.

"Ritual Mask"
Emily t
Beautiful piece

Bought this for my boyfriend as he loves Judicaelsacredskulls and this is his first piece. Hoping for another sale so I can buy him more! Quality is stunning.

Scarab Buckle
Arnold Abelman
Statement buckle

This buckle makes quite a statement. Its rich bronze tone and beautiful detail both front and back really stand out. Not a cowboy buckle but much more.

"Special Hierophant"
Josee Charland Lescano
My Bronze Pleiadian

It's hard to put into words how much I love and appreciate the attention to detail and impeccable craftsmanship of this piece. As a rare jewelry collector, this was a must have for me ❤️‍🔥 Truely love it! Thanks a million Judicael 😊
Hope to get another one of a kind piece from you real soon!

Momoa Ring

The Momoa ring is truly a fantastic work of art and is just beautiful!!!!!!! Definitely glad I was able to buy one!!!!!

Key of Worlds

Love it thank you

Beautiful! Spectacular piece! 🤘🏼🤙🏼

Amazing piece of art, proud to have one of these limited rings.

"Hierophant" Full Size
Sonny Coleman
Freakin Fantastic

Such a beautiful piece. Been wanting to get this one for about 2 years. Hopefully will get more in the future. Can’t stop staring at it on my desk!

Aqua ring

Amazingly crafted insane details , very pleased with my ring

"Ritual Mask" Silver
Josee Charland Lescano
Perfect gift for my hubby

Bought this ritual mask for my hubby's birthday and he absolutely loves it! When I gifted it to him, he spent hours looking and admiring it 🥰 it was so cute! Definitely scored a payload of brownie points here 😅😏😉
He wears it everyday, and it is heavy and very well made. I know it is sturdy and will withstand the years and will be passed down to one of our kids ❤️‍🔥

"Mini Thunder Pattern"
Guillaume Élise

C'est l'un de mes plus beaux pendentifs, il est carrément parfait, un travail soigné et tellement de symboles, je l'adore


I love this piece. I have been wearing it every so often. It feels and looks amazing. Tremendous work. I also love the chain that comes with it. It really brings out the sense of expansion that the key aims to represent. It truly takes you out of this world!

Endless Magic

This is my second skull from Judicael Vales, and my new favorite. From the quality to the detail, the weight, the power it holds is just magical and endless. I am so grateful and so pleased with my purchase, and highly recommend to anyone who feels drawn to his work. Judicael is the master at what he does and I continue to be in awe of his work.

"Ritual Mask"
narek arzumanyan
Wonderful work

I'm very happy to have this brilliant work in my collection. Thank you for sale and keep doing this unique jewelry

The ring is amazingly crafted and it’s looks amazing

The detail, the weight, this really does feel one of a kind. Highly recommended, these pieces of jewelry go far and beyond in a enigmatic way feeling a energy altogether. Past years of learning about mythology and different religions/beliefs; holding this “Hierophant” felt like a balance from within. The weight feels heavy yet like it’s floating, it is a unique experience… I look forward to more in the near future. Thank you JV, this is absolutely top craftsmanship!!

VERY happy with my purchase

Really well made and intricately designed. It’s uniqueness in design and magnetic opening and closure are so well done. Can’t wait to purchase future pieces.

Elegant and Magical

From the weight of the piece, to the intricate microscopic detailing, the mini Hierophant is a stunning, timeless, and robust work of art. My favorite piece of jewelry ever. I will definitely be buying more pieces in the future.

Incredible skull but cheap chain that broke and I lost the pendant :(


I am a huge fan of what you do and actually heard about your company while hanging out with your spokes person in LA ;)

Happily, I received the mini skull pendant for Xmas on time and it’s incredible.

Sadly, the chain you sent it with was quite skinny and frail, the “snake loop” the chain has to connect it bent open while wearing it and the pendant slipped off. I no longer have it.

I was wondering if there anything you can do as a credit towards the purchase of another one. I understand you aren’t responsible for lost items but due to the fact that the product wasn’t a “life long build” for the chain, and that I’d love to actually buy it again or even upgrade to the bigger one, any credit or help to still have one of these in my life as an heirloom would be the ultimate goal. Thanks so much, I hope something can be worked out :). Thanks!
~ nick

Hi sorry that happened ! We fixed the problem a while back as we realised those chains where to delicate . Now a day we ship all the minis with a thicker chain .Here is a 25% off discount code for your next purchase : ————————
You can use it on any products
All the best

Antigravity Ring Silver
Robin Lieberman

This was a holiday gift for my fiance. He loves this ring! And I must say it looks super fine on his big hands. Note: as the description says, this ring is chunky. A chunky piece of heaven that is! If you're looking for something unique, with high quality and full of sacredness, this is your ring!

Great product

"Ritual Mask"
Nathan Turley
First sacred skull

Extremely satisfied with my purchase, great color, great weight, unique. Can’t wait to get more in the future!

"Ritual Mask"
Josh Customer
Amazing craftsmanship!!

It's flawless , I can't say enough about how much I love this necklace. I definitely plan on ordering different pieces in the future.

"secret chamber" belt buckle P

Beautiful construction and design. Judicael is a master craftsman. It looks nicer in person. It's the coolest buckle I could buy.