Jason Momoa’s ring “AQUAMAN II”

Ring Size: 7
Sale price$495.00

What is this?


-limited edition numbered 200


-sterling silver inlays 

-copper inlays 

-unique patina 

-coated for protection 

-most sizes in stock 


 “On the roam” Jason Momoa’s ring as seen on aquaman 2 

this is the first collaboration ring with Jason Momoa made for the public.

200 rings limited edition 

Thanks to Jason Momoa  for this epic collaboration to come to life.

The ring is made of bronze with intricate inlays of sterling silver and copper, it has an underwater look due to a unique blue green patina. No one piece is the same 

the ring is coated so your fingers wont get green from the oxydation.

 limited number of 200 pieces. After that there will be never made anymore  ! Get yours while it last .

Most sizes are in stock otherwise It will take about 45 to 60 days for fabrication ! 


Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews

Affordable for the general public and I am very impressed. You can tell it has been made by a man with love for his craft. It’s a journey seeing the patina flake off only to remain in the cracks. No one who decides to get this will ever regret it. And others will about it I guarantee that.


Love it. Great quality and amazing talent.

Beautiful ring

A very beautiful top quality detailed ring.

Marco Avarelli
Must have!!!

This is a piece of art!!!
Greetings from Italy!!!

Caleb Farnell
Ring Review

This ring looks awesome. My index and middle finger are close in size, so it’s pretty cool I get to alternate how I want to wear it. Some folks don’t realize that if you’re going to wear larger pieces of jewelry, that there should be a good balance in the way that it’s crafted. This ring has excellent craftsmanship when it comes to weight & balance. Full marks for this one!

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