"DNA" sacred skull

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An absolute master piece of jewelry !

This sacred skull is one of judicael’s master piece . Made by hand over a period of 6 month using the rarest materials , ingenuity and fine craftsmanship .

This incredible piece is made to look like an ancient artifact dug out of an archeological site .

It represent the ancient knowledge and technologies that might have been used by the long lost civilization of Atlantis

In the forehead an intricate array of inlays made of 18k yellow gold, 14 rose gold , platinum and titanium, at its center a 3mm vvs cognac Dimond. It represent the galaxy and multidimensional travels.

The eyes are made of “Trapiche” emeralds from Colombia witch is a rare variety of the gemstone characterized by a six-pointed radial pattern.

On the back of the skull an intricate DNA design made of a combination of multiple metals as 24k gold, 14k rose gold , platinum , titanium and aluminum with X2< 1.5 mm vvs diamond at its extremities .

The DNA represent the full potential of the human race.

On top is where the secret chamber opens with a special key , the top of the head is made with an incredible “Shattuckite” from Namibia with a range of blues that remind us of an underwater scene. around it , multiple concentric circles made of platinum, 14k rose gold ,titanium, brass and copper . They represent the mythical ancient capital city of “Atlantis”

On each sides are technology arrangements made of vintage watches movements and cannibalised circuits connecting the skull with wires of 14 k rose gold , platinum and titanium representing advance technologies.

At the bottom, the skull has a damaged look with missing teeth (made on purpose). made to represent the cataclysmic event that sank Atlantis 13,000 years ago . . the remaining teeth are made of of 24k gold, 14k rose gold and moose antler .

On the palate is the signature of the artist “JV” (judicael vales) 2020

_secret chamber with key

_Moose antler

_Namibian Shattuckite

_x2 Colombian trapiche emerald

_X2. 3mm vvs cognac diamonds

_X2. 1,5mm vvs diamond

_24k gold

_18k yellow gold

_14k rose gold



_sterling silver

_aluminium, brass, copper

_3mm 28” sterling silver chain with lava beads

_secret chamber

_sterling silver key

_back up bronze key

_vintage clockwork

_cannibalised circuits

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