Judicael Vales is a tattoo artist and creator of sacred skull talismans. Originally from France, he now lives in Nevada city, California with his family. His tattoo experience spans over 15 years, having studied under Andy Smith in Goa, India. Upon completing his apprenticeship, he embarked on a nomadic quest and tattooed throughout France and England; Mexico and North America; Bali, Indonesia, and Nepal. He returned to Europe and worked at Avinit and Evil from the Needle located in London.  Afterward, he returned to Goa and established his own tattoo studio. 

His coveted style of tattoo weaves together four key aspects: sacred geometry, exploration of perfect balance, natural movement, and flow. He focuses on creating a ritualistic and intuitive relationship with each of his clients.

In Mexico, it was the colossal pyramids and intricate cosmology of the Maya that inspirited Judicael to begin handcrafting the first sacred skull pendant in 2007. He continued to refine his technique while traveling abroad. Inspired by ancient cultures of the Egyptians and the Inca Empire. Drawing upon notions of sacred sites, alien-type artifacts, tribal cultures, and shamanic artwork. The steady influence of sacred geometric patterning channels from his innate fascination with primitive civilizations and the visionary ingenuity they gave birth to.

Judicael is deeply committed to reviving the lost art of intricate handcrafting. Through his work; he brings the message to the world: to awaken a remembrance of the ancient connection to our ancestors and the origin of humanity.